Need a personal loan? Consider Antworks Money, an online marketplace based on a Peer-to-Peer lending paradigm. The new age lending platform enables borrowers to fund their requirements by eliminating the friction and cost incurred at banks and large financial institutions. Antworks Money directly connects creditworthy borrowers with multiple investors to facilitate monetary transactions with complete transparency.

Benefits for borrowers at Antworks Money

  • The digitalized process of borrowing money is streamlined, quick and efficient. The 24/7 channel requires no long waits or paperwork.
  • The system is safe and secure. Some personal information is required for official use in the online application form. However, the info furnished is encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • The uniqueness of Antworks Money is that the interest rates are mutually decided by the borrower and the lender. Thanks to direct dealing with investors, loans can be funded at viable rates.
  • Borrowers do not need to provide any collateral. Antworks Money empowers borrowers to seek funding from investors who are at ease with their level of risk profile.
  • The P2P money lending website helps facilitate loans despite a low credit score. It takes into account social behaviour, cash flow, etc. and connects borrowers and willing lenders for discussions.
  • Antworks Money’s P2P loan service comes with no hidden charges or costs.

Documents Required

  • Valid documents for ID and address proof
  • Not a defaulter in RBI’s listing
  • Sans any criminal record
  • Valid documents for ID and address proof
  • Not a defaulter in RBI’s listing
  • Sans any criminal record

Verification Process

To ensure that the entire lending process is devoid of any deceitful elements, Antworks Money has stringent regulations in place. For starters, the online application is reviewed followed by a thorough identity verification, credit check, and risk assessment. In addition, other parameters to gauge the intentions and trustworthiness of the borrower are used. Once approved and the registration processed, the borrower can apply for a loan at the Antworks Money online lending platform.

Purpose of loan

There no curbs as such for seeking a loan provided the money is not for any illegal use. Nevertheless, it helps to explain the purpose of a loan from the lenders perspective. Also, clarification of financial capacity along with supporting documentation in terms of paying EMI’s helps investors in making positive decisions.

In short, the objective of Antworks Money is to make credit more accessible by removing the hurdles of the traditional borrowing process. The innovative financial service goes the distance to match individuals/businesses in need of funds with lenders who want to invest in a profitable asset class. A win-win situation for both parties!