Need a personal loan on a low rate of interest? Thinking of multiplying your savings? No matter what your need, P2P personal loans are the ideal choice for you.

We, at Antworks Money assist you in securing a personal loan or lending your hard earned money as a personal loan. With our expertise and know-how, we assure high returns and zero risks to the lenders and low interest rate for the borrowers.

Why Borrowers should opt for P2P Personal Loans?

  • Easy and convenient to apply for the loans
  • Lower rate of interest when compared to the ones offered by reputed banks and other financial organizations
  • Quicker means of getting liquid cash
  • Low impact on the credit score of the borrower
  • Option to borrow any amount of money

Why Lenders should opt for P2P Personal Loans?

  • Lower risks as the money offered is diversified amongst a number of borrowers
  • Higher returns when compared to the rates of interest offered by banks and other financial organizations
  • Option to choose the borrowers based on the details offered after their verification

What we do?

We at Antworks Money offer a P2P personal loan platform for all the borrowers as well as the lenders. We assist the borrowers to connect with individuals as well as organizations that are willing to offer loan to them at a lower rate of interest than the banks.

We are associated with some of the most credible and reputed lenders, thus ensuring quick liquid cash for you.

With proper verification of the borrowers, we ensure complete safety of the funds offered by the lenders. Risks are low as we diversify the funds offered for lending by the lenders among various borrowers.

Why Us?

  • Higher rates of loan approval
  • Lower rates of interest
  • Quick approval
  • Higher returns on the money invested
  • Lower risk on the money lent to the borrowers

P2P is a novel idea in India which is now slowly catching on. Quite on the lines of crowdfunding, this can help you to enhance your earnings or secure a loan at a lower rate of interest. Get in touch with us, to know more.