Antworks Money is a P2P loan service platform which bridges the gap between eligible borrowers and willing investors. As an investor, you have access to many different types of borrowers who are looking for short-term loans. These borrowers have a varied risk profile, allowing you to create a lending portfolio that can generate significant returns on your investment.

The Antworks Money Advantage

While traditional investment options like FDs are still very popular in the country, the returns are typically very dismal. On the other hand, if you have a look at mutual funds, they require investors to invest a large amount and keep it invested for a long duration to earn considerable returns. Antworks Money offers a unique investment opportunity to investors which eliminates all the shortcomings of the other popular investment options and allows investors to earn returns of up to 24%.

Advanced Profiling Methodology

A lot of borrowers are denied loans by banks and NBFCs in India even when they are more than eligible to repay the loan. This is because the profiling of the applicants is done majorly on the basis of the KYC information and credit score. Antworks Money has a different approach to this whole profiling process wherein a number of other data points are taken into consideration for analyzing the credit-worthiness of the borrowers.

This way, the lenders get to choose from a comprehensive list of borrowers who have been exhaustively evaluated by us. Sign up at Antworks Money as an investor and browse through a wide range of proposals that perfectly suit your requirements.

Advantages of Becoming a Lender at Antworks Money

  • Returns as high as 24%
  • Borrowers with varied risk profile pre-verified by us
  • Transparent processing system
  • Personally negotiate the interest rate with the borrower before finalizing the deal
  • Collections support if required
  • Zero hidden charges

At Antworks Money, we follow a unique credit assessment methodology which is a combination of the experience of our qualified professionals and big data analytics.

Some of the most important data points in our borrower assessment include-

  • Educational qualification
  • Professional experience
  • Net monthly income
  • Current expenditure
  • Mobile bills and other utility bills
  • Job stability
  • Location
  • Credit card limits and expenditure
  • Online shopping expenditure

Apart from these, hundreds of other data points are taken into consideration to ensure that the lenders only get to choose from highly reliable borrowers.